Saturday, August 9, 2014

Who’s afraid of 19-year-old Salvadoran MS13 drug gang members?

The southern border of the United States is now effectively open, and third–world refugees are streaming across it in increasing numbers.  Only a small fraction of these are unaccompanied minors, and of those, most are teenagers (or adults lying about their age).

So obviously, Obama has to let all these adults and adults with children in because the law says that he must admit unaccompanied minors!  I mean, his hands are legally tied, right?

Of course Obama is not bound by laws he doesn’t like, such as deporting foreign nationals that are in the country illegally.  But that doesn’t change the fact that it is the law which is making him admit all these third-world refugees into the country, refusing to police the borders, and flying them around the country so that it will be impossible to deport them ever.

Obviously if people object it is because they hate children – who could be afraid of a 19-year old Salvadoran MS13 drug gang member who lied about his age?  We should be giving the poor dears teddy bears.  Only a vile person would object to stealing resources from American children to help these poor third-world gang members.

And even more, who could possibly object to a horde of people escaping the poverty and violence that always comes from too-rapid population growth?  Who could object to lower wages, or water shortages, or crowded schools, or congested highways and decaying infrastructure, or higher rents, or chronically high unemployment and underemployment?  Obviously, only a vile populist racist could object to this.  Don’t you realize that ‘diversity’ will make it all better?  That the people stealing all that Americans have built up only want a better life for themselves and for their vast numbers of children that they could not be bothered to make a decent life for in their own lands?

I mean, look at how great having a large and rapidly growing population has worked out in Mexico and Bangladesh and Pakistan and India!  Unlike those dismal impoverished low-fertility countries like Switzerland and Australia and Japan.  America NEEDS the eager and abundant labor supply of the dynamic third world or it could end up being like Finland or,  even worse, like America in the 1960's, where real wages were double what they are today and real unemployment a bare fraction of current levels and  anybody could earn a decent living through honest work - and how terrible that would be.

And as to the possibility that this mass of people entering from countries where diseases are endemic, and not being medically screened in any way, could possibly spread diseases in the United States, well, such talk is so racist that it should be outlawed.  Communicable diseases are not spread by infected people, they are caused by global warming and climate change!  And racism.  Certainly every scientist whose job depends on their saying this, says this.

Of course, trespassing on the grounds of the gated communities and private country clubs of the rich is still forbidden.  The rich are allowed to defend their property from invaders without apology, and if some kid gets beaten up or even killed climbing the walls around a mansion, well, trespassing is trespassing.  And of course poor Americans cannot be allowed to send their kids to rich school districts in search of a better life – because that would hurt the rich.  Poor third-worlders entering poor Americans school districts in large numbers will not of course hurt poor Americans – because the rich say so. 

Sacrifice in the name of compassion is so only for little people.  Only the vilest racist would ever object.  Because the rich say so.  How many times has the sociopathic CEO of Facebook been publicly asked how much he personally is willing to sacrifice to help all these third-world refugees?  Zero.  Because the corporate press believes in journalistic responsibility.  To the bottom line.

We are fortunate that the corporate press is so socially responsible.  Even as the United States is being invaded, and a population explosion is being stoked that will doom the American populace to a third-world standard of living, the headline in Google News is that Obama is getting ready to bomb the Islamic militants in Iraq that he previously armed, as a follow up to our ousting of Saddam Hussein, whom we also previously armed.  And a football player suffered a minor gunshot wound. 

Let us hope that when Obama attacks the people who we previously armed in order to fight the people that we armed before that in order to fight the people that we armed before that in order to fight the Soviet Union, that he offers more than mere pinpricks.   Otherwise who will we fight next time?

America’s national security depends upon its fighting to preserve the borders of countries on the other side of the world that nobody cares about.  The notion that the American military should be used to actually defend the borders of the United States is so utterly insensitive and racist that it should never be given voice to in public.  Although the American military could certainly be used for internal policing and riot control, that’s fine, but defending the border against foreigners?  Why do you hate children?

If only the DrudgeReport would stop stoking fear and hatred by publishing the truth.  There should be a law against internet sites like that.  Fortunately the Obama regime has classified how many third world refugees are streaming over the border, and where they are being resettled.  Why do some Americans still have this quaint notion that they deserve to know what their own government is doing?  But then how could the government do things against the interest of the American people if it couldn’t keep secrets from them, answer me that smarty-pants!

Francis Fukuyama was right, we are truly at the end of history.  Facts, as they used to be known, are so passé.  Logic, is only the refuge of the racist and the damned.  Reality is what the oligarchs say it is.  History is writ in water.  Things are important only to the extent that the corporate owners of the New York Times say that they are.  Cause and effect are what you are told.  

We don't need to worry about all those third-world refugees coming over the border, because prosperity doesn't depend on resources or capital investment or anything physical.  Prosperity is caused by 'social development'.  So you see, if only we would legalize Gay Marriage, we could attain utopia. Or if we outlawed it.  Either way, it's true.  Because the rich say so.

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