Saturday, August 23, 2014

Barack Obama is increasingly ‘distant’ because he is a con artist who holds the American people in deep contempt.

The news is increasingly running stories questioning why Barack Obama seems to be so distant.  There is a crisis on the southern border – and he skips it to go to a fundraiser with his billionaire pals.  The Islamic crazies that he armed in Syria are now running amok and we may end up invading Iraq yet again – and Obama is on an extended vacation in Martha’s vineyard and golfing with his billionaire pals.  What’s up with that?

The answer is simple.  Obama is a con man.  Obama was paid to sell out the American people for money, he did so, and now that the con is over, he feels no need to maintain any pretense.  This is how cons always end.

The United States is now almost completely controlled by the oligarchs.  The rich have opened the southern border to effectively unlimited immigration, the laws against illegal immigration are not being enforced at all, and there is nothing the American people can do about it.  They are not even allowed to know how many people are being let in, or take pictures of the border, or know where the government is paying to disperse these illegals around the nation. 

We are not talking about secret codes here – we are talking about not being allowed to know what our own government is doing in our own country.  Obviously, it’s not our own government any more.  It belongs to the rich and is no longer answerable in any way to the average citizen.

So the government gives trillions to wealthy bankers, refuses to enforce the law against corrupt bankers, yet screws little people over the tiniest flaw in their increasingly labyrinthine tax laws.   Anti-American trade treaties are negotiated in secret – well, the foreign countries know what’s in these treaties, as do Obama’s billionaire patrons, it’s only the American people that are not allowed to know what their government is doing.  Again, it’s not their government any more, is it?

For refusing to protect the nation from foreign invasion, Obama should be impeached and tried for treason, but he knows that he is safe.  The Democratic senate would never approve, and in any event he has powerful friends.  Even now, press coverage of the new open-borders immigration policy is almost nonexistent.  Similarly, the press won’t talk about how mass immigration is causing California to run out of water, or keeping wages low, and so on. 

Suppose that some Islamic nutjobs crossed the now-open southern border and blew up a chunk of a major American city.  Obama could care less.  The mainstream press would never dare to connect the dots, they would never blame Obama for this – no, they would blame someone else for not letting him drop enough bombs on Syria, or Vladimir Putin, or something else irrelevant.

Suppose that people infected with Ebola crossed the now-open southern border and created a pandemic in the United States.  Obama would sail over this issue like a hawk over a swamp, he would continue to golf at luxo resorts and the corporate press would prattle on about compassion and how the whole problem is due to global warming or gay marriage or something. 

Obama doesn’t care anymore, because he knows that he doesn’t need to care.  He will never face the voters again.  He will play out his term, and do anything he wants by executive action, while bleating that his hands are tied by ‘gridlock’ – hah!  Completely opening the border to uncontrolled immigration is hardly doing nothing, it is a radical action by an executive who realizes that he now possess effectively unchecked power. 

When a farmer listens to his cattle moo, he doesn’t care what they are saying.  As long as they remain cattle, they could be expressing their displeasure or debating Wittgenstein or anything, the mooing of cattle and the baaing of sheep are nothing to the farmer.  And if the country falls into misery and chaos, and the people whine and complain, what is that to Obama?  He doesn’t care.  It doesn’t affect him.  He’s got his, and that’s that.

When a person does harm to others, how do they live with themselves?  Sometimes they are useful idiots, that is, people who truly believe in what they are doing but who have been selected by more deliberately evil people to play a role.  Sometimes they rationalize what they are doing, and convince themselves that what they are doing is a good thing.  But a true con artist lives with themselves by holding their victims in contempt.  Their victims are stupid and gullible and weak – they deserve to be taken advantage of, just as a rabbit deserves to be eaten by a wolf.

When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he criticized Hilary Clinton for supporting the anti-worker NAFTA trade treaty, and promised to renegotiate it.  However, at the same time his agents were making the rounds of the rich and powerful and promising that he didn’t mean a word of it.  This is not the action of a man who made promises that, with the press of events, he realized he was not able to keep.  This is the action of a man who with malice aforethought was lying plain and simple.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Obama has knifed the average American in the back, something like 40% of the American people still think he is doing a good job – and a majority STILL think that he is a ‘liberal’!  If the nation falls into rack and ruin, and terrorists run riot in the streets, and there are epidemics of preventable diseases, and people are going hungry, I suspect that these numbers will not change.  Obama could probably reinstitute slavery and order striking workers machine- gunned and have the contents of Fort Knox given free to the Koch brothers and he would still not be impeached, or pay any price at all for that matter.  Because he knows that the American people will do nothing, except keep voting for people like him ‘because the Republicans are even worse’.

Barack Obama must have the deepest contempt for the American people.  The sad thing is, he might have a point there.

"If the people insist on behaving like sheep, it would be sacrilegious not to shear them" - old Mexican proverb.

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