Sunday, August 10, 2014

Billionaires for Open Borders

Here is a link to a pretty interesting and well-reasoned set of articles on the wealthy dirt balls who want to turn the world into an overpopulated slum so they can lord it over the rest of you humans:

Especially notable is the article on the billionaire who appears to have bribed the leadership of the Sierra Club to take population off the table in talking about the environment.  That's like NASA refusing to factor in gravity when planning a space mission: no wonder public discussion of environmental issues is so incoherent.

It's also a reminder that the old Classical/Keynesian principle that, for societies without an open border, sustained high fertility rates guarantee poverty, was not overturned by logic or objective evidence.  It was overturned starting around 1970 due to bribes and influence - both subtle and gross - from rich people whose only gods are the easy profits that come from ever cheaper labor.

That's also why the people pushing the idea that rapid population increases is a good thing, have no objective evidence behind their assertion.  When challenged they will accuse you of racism, or just not getting it, or being obviously ignorant, and if you keep talking that way you will lose your job.  That's it, there is nothing else there.

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