Monday, June 23, 2014


The American republic is now officially entering its endgame.   Across all of society there is corruption and cronyism and dishonesty that is shocking not just in how extreme it is, but in how utterly lacking in any sense of shame that the plutocrats have.  It’s like George Orwell’s vision of a boot stomping down on a human face; they can put in place policies that are deliberately driving the American people into third-world level poverty, and lie about it with total smugness because they know that the mainstream press has been bought and paid for, and that no journalist would dare point these lies out, and also because they know that the American people have no means of fighting back.

In a sense, the lies that public officials utter appear to be designed not so much to be believed, as to demonstrate the total power of the American elites over the average  person: to inculcate a felling of helplessness. 

We’re going to open the borders to unlimited third-world immigration so that we can turn America into another Bangladesh and push wages down to sub-poverty levels.  We’re going to lie to you and say that this will make Americans richer, and even though this is obviously false we know that you won’t be able to call us on this.  And if despite our massive wall of propaganda you still don’t want open borders, we don’t care.  Because there is nothing you can do about it.  We control the press, we control the judiciary, we control the army and police and border patrol, we control the Universities, we control the political parties.  We will rig it so that your only choices come election will be for people already in our employ.  You are cattle, and we will treat you like cattle.  Now go back to work and be grateful that we don’t arrest you on the spot and throw you in jail for whatever made-up reason we please.

Of all the assaults by the rich on the American people, open-borders immigration is the worst.  If industries are shipped overseas, with time and effort it might be possible to rebuild them.  If the banks rob the country blind, it is in principle possible to reverse the process.  If hordes of desperate third-world refugees over-run the nation, and introduce the toxic combination of massive poverty and cultural schisms, that is permanent.  There will be no going back.

Up until around 1970, the government of the United States enforced the laws against illegal immigration.  It wasn’t that hard.  The result was that illegal immigration had a negligible impact on population growth and labor markets.  Since 1970, however, the oligarchs have waged a massive campaign to open the borders.  Partly by increasingly refusing to enforce the laws against illegal immigration, but mostly by massive legal chain-migration from the single starving family that is the third world.

Post 1970 immigration policy has increased the population of the United States by not quite 100 million over what it would have otherwise been (you must count not just the foreign nationals themselves, but all of their descendants).  As expected, this forced population growth has led to wages steadily falling as a fraction of the economy, and profits steadily rising.  That was the general idea.

Now not only are wages falling, but prices for food, water, housing, and energy are rising.  Previous bursts of cheap-labor immigration were not only very much smaller in magnitude and very much shorter in duration than today’s nearly 50-year surge, but they occurred when the United States had a large buffer of unused resources.  The signs are here: the United States no longer has a buffer of unused resources.  As the population is pushed to half a billion and beyond, expect wage deflation to be coupled with commodity inflation.  That’s great if you own a lot of land.  It’s not so great if you work for a living, as most Americans do.

But this isn’t enough for the current generation of oligarchs.  They want it all, and they want it now.  They fought to pass an immigration ‘reform’ bill that would massively increase legal immigration over its already unsustainable levels, and give instant legal status to foreign nationals who are in the country illegally, and despite lies to the contrary, would essentially stop enforcing the laws against illegal immigration entirely.

Amazingly, despite the corruption of the mainstream press and the steady drumbeat of slander and libel against those who only want the rate at which the country accepts additional foreign nationals to be moderated, the oligarchs have not been able to get their way.  So they have thrown a tantrum, and their favorite bought-and-paid-for whore, president Barack “Magic Sparkle Pony” (Hope and Change!  Yes we can!  Gumdrops from the sky!  You hopeless chumps!)  Obama has declared the borders open and invited the entire third world to invade.

As expected the mainstream press almost refuses to cover this event (check out the Drudge Report for the latest in real news on this topic).  The situation is still evolving, but cutting through the usual fog of misinformation my current best guess is:

-       The borders are open.  Anyone coming up to the border is escorted in, not just children, but women, adult men, anyone.
-       None of these people are going to be deported.  Count on it.
-       Soon they will be sending for their extended families
-       Seeing that the border is open, the flood will soon become a tsunami
-       The US government will pay for the airline flights to bring in even more  illegals
-       The continued fall in wages and rise in the price of everything else will accelerate.

It is noted that should a poor pregnant women with two small children present herself at the mansion gates of a Zuckerberg or Bloomberg, they will NOT be escorted in, they will NOT be allowed to help themselves to anything they want in search of a better life, they will be roughly hauled off by the cops and very likely the woman will be arrested and jailed and separated from her children and so much for keeping families together.  Sacrifice in the name of compassion?  Only for little people, never for the rich.  Because they can.

It has been stated that these third world refugees are ‘political’ because they are fleeing gang violence and political corruption back home.  First, so what?  Second, wrong.  They are people who have fouled their own nests by having more children than they can afford to support, and now they all want to move in with you.  When people have more children than they can afford to support, they create horrible poverty.  When horrible poverty is created, crime and violence and corruption are inevitable – but these things are the result not the cause.  The people flooding over your border are fleeing the obvious and logical consequences of their own actions – and through their very numbers, they carry with them the same thing that they are so desperate to flee.

The last bona-fide political refugee to come to the United States was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.  He moved to the United States in 1976.  In 1994 he moved back to Russia. 

The lies and empty sloganeering supporting this open borders policy are as numerous as the rats at the city dump.  Lets go with the “The United States is a nation of immigrants” rant.  Every nation on the face of this earth is peopled by immigrants and the descendants of immigrants – many of them much more recently than the United States.  What sets the United States apart from Bangladesh and India is not that it has so many immigrants but that, relative to the amount of land and resources and capital, it has so few.

Remember the words to the song “America the Beautiful?”  Amber waves of grain, purple mountains majesty? Where are the parts with the hordes of malnourished children, the rivers flooded with filth, with brotherhood shattered by misery and necessity so that corruption and gang violence rule?  I must have missed those parts.

The American people need not apologize for defending what they have.  Certainly the rich don’t apologize for stopping poor American children from being enrolled in their swanky school districts ‘in search of a better life.’  However, in the interests of political correctness, let me add some reasons why open borders for America is bad for the entire world:

- By providing a safety valve for their surplus population, mass immigration to the United States allows foreign oligarchs to continue oppressing their people.  Ask yourself, since Mexicans have been freer and freer to immigrate to the United States, has Mexico gone up or down?  (Down, in case you missed it).  There is a long track record of poor countries with high fertility rates only becoming decent places to live AFTER their elites had been prevented from exporting their surplus population.  Think: Japan after WWII, or Western Europe after the end of colonialism.

- When the surplus population of a third-world country moves to a first world country, the population of the first-world country is increased… but the population of the third world country is not reduced, because every person that leaves only creates room for another to survive.  A world without borders is a world whose total population will soon be determined by those countries with the highest fertility rates.  Closed borders would wall off the misery of a Bangladesh, leaving the rest of the world in peace, and hopefully in time the Bangladeshis could advance (especially with intelligent encouragement and the example of all those rich moderate-fertility nations).  Open borders will drive the entire world down to the level of Bangladesh and it won’t lift Bangladesh up.

That’s about as much political correctness as I can manage at present. 

To sum up: if you are an American who works for a living, and you don’t have dual citizenship in Israel or Canada or Japan, you are probably doomed.  But you should at least try.  CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS NOW AND TELL THEM IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS TO STOP THE OPEN BORDERS SURGE.  You might want to add that Obama should be impeached not just for refusing to enforce the law, but also for treason against the nation, because defending the borders from foreign invasion is surely the most ancient and basic role of any government.  

What, you say that this is not an invasion because the invaders are 'peaceful'?  If you returned home some day and found that I and 50 of my impoverished Swedish relatives had broken into your house, and helped ourselves to your food and clothes and tools and everything, and demanded an equal share in your kids’ college funds and your savings accounts and medical insurance, and you suddenly were reduced to living in the garage, would you say that you had been invaded?  After all we only want a better life, the same as any thief wants.  I think you would say that you had been invaded.  And you are.

Stealing is stealing, and trespassing is trespassing, even if the person who does it does not have a gun.  Ask anyone who has tried to scale the fence at a private estate or gated mansion.  Shouldn’t you have the same rights as the rich?  Your nation is private property: as a republic it belongs to the American citizenry, as surely as a private country club belongs to its membership.  The American nation does not belong to the sociopathic CEO of Facebook to give away at his convenience. 

The rich can sail off on their megayachts to their private islands when America is turned into hell.  You and your children can’t.  And when the rich have looted all that they can, and then abandon the mess that they have made, they will rub salt in the wound by saying that they had no choice because the American people let them down. 

A rich person abandoning the United States is like the captain of a cruiseship abandoning his command and his passengers after he has personally run the ship onto the rocks.  Leaving a sinking ship is reasonable… unless you are responsible for its sinking in the first place.  Consider the vast influence that the rich have on public policy – they effectively own the executive and congress, for starters.  Think about that the next time some upper-class corporate welfare queen moves to some nice safe closed-borders haven while declaring that they are within their rights to abandon the ship that was sunk by their own policies…

Get mad Americans.  Don’t take it any more.  Make noise.  Make no apologies, make no excuses, if someone slanders you as a racist slander them back as a whore for cheap labor and racist ethnic politicians (although that’s not really a slander, is it?). 

Time is fast running out.

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Few Short Thoughts on the Need of the US Government to Keep Secrets from its Subjects - I mean, Citizens

Of course, America is a democracy, and people get to vote, which means that everything that the American government does is the responsibility of the American people.  

Of course, the American people cannot actually be informed of what they are specifically voting FOR, because that would ruin everything!  Can't have a bunch of unwashed yahoos having a say in foreign policy, right?  (Or fiscal policy, or homeland security policy, etc.etc.)

Like the Iraq war.  If the American people had known in advance that the whole thing about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction or supporting terrorism had been a lie, they might not have supported the invasion.  In that case the right people might not have made a trillion dollars in profit and Iraq would be stable and not supporting islamic extremists.  And a lot of working-class veterans would not be dead or maimed.  What would be the point of that?

I mean really,  can you just imagine the catastrophe if the American people were sufficiently well informed about their government's activities that they could influence it?  The horror!

After Iraq and Afghanistan went so well, President Barack "Magic Sparkle Pony" Obama came up with a secret plan to arm and support Al Qaeda and other extremist Islamic militant groups in Syria.  This plan has created great suffering in Syria, and the Islamic extremists that the US government has supported  have turned on you and now might well conquer Iraq (for starters).  Let us be grateful that the American people had no clue that their government was actively supporting Al Qaeda, or they might have demanded that such  a policy stop, and then it could have all ended badly, instead of with the wonderful and amazing results that these wonderful and amazing leaders were able to achieve but only because they didn't have the general public looking over their shoulders and demanding wussy things like 'accountability' and 'transparency'.  

Don't you understand that reality doesn't exist, and you all live in a Tom Clancy novel where your very survival depends on super-secret government agencies staffed by courageous and sexy super-agents fighting fiendish super-villains?  Can you even imagine what the world would be like if America still had the foreign policy of, say, Eisenhower, and mostly left well enough alone and didn't get involved in countless foreign wars of choice?  What fun would that be?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Remember when American foreign policy was not actually insane?

Whenever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She the champion and vindicator only of her own.
She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom.
- John Quincy Adams on American Foreign Policy, 1821
Just something for you Americans to contemplate as your country continues to pour trillions of dollars into senseless foreign wars, that are enriching a few politically-connected profiteers ($500/gallon gasoline, anyone?  And we are talking about WAY more than one gallon..) while bleeding your overall economy dry.  
As the average American becomes ever poorer, and you are told over and over again that 'entitlements' are the problem, just think about all that money that was spent blowing up a few wedding parties on the other side of the planet...  and you didn't even win!  Remember that as your social security payments are sliced ever thinner, and medical care becomes increasingly a luxury for the rich only, and bridges and roads go to rot, and beggars and the homeless increasingly line the roads...
Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Syria etc.etc. are not Pyrrhic victories (i.e., victories achieved at an excessive cost) - they are Pyrrhic defeats!  I mean, if the goal was to lose surely it could have been done with less blood and treasure.
If you Americans had only spent it on domestic follies - like bridges to nowhere - at least the money would have been recycled in your own economy... and who knows, perhaps someday that bridge to nowhere will lead somewhere.  But these foreign wars are worse: a large fraction of that money was spent overseas, where it leaves the US economy entirely.  Think about the difference between blood circulating around within your own body, and blood draining out onto the street.  Not the same thing, is it?
And of course, you Americans now have a large number of dual-citizens whose loyalty may well lie elsewhere, and at the highest levels of government and industry.  Yeah, that's going to work out well when times get tough, sure.
If you aren'y angry then you are either not paying attention or you are profoundly stupid.  A cynic once said that the problem with democracy is that the people get the government that they deserve.  
Insouciance is not the answer.  President Barack "Magic Sparkle Pony" Obama and his oligarch-approved successor do not care about you and your family.  Perhaps it's time that you did?