Friday, November 21, 2014

Racism You Can Believe In

A wit recently said that ‘racist’ has replaced ‘communist’ as the new swear word of the establishment.  A case in point is that any talk of the effect of rapid population growth on pushing down wages or harming the environment is inevitably met with screams of ‘racist’.  But it’s all rubbish.

It is an established fact of economics that, for societies without an open frontier, rapid population growth causes poverty for the many and riches for the few.  This is agreed upon by both classical and Keynesian economics, and up until about 1970 was the consensus view of all mainstream economists.

However, the rich want profits for themselves, and if that means that there must by poverty for the many, well, nothing personal, strictly business.  But saying that the rich want to increase the population to drive down wages sounds bad, so the rich have waged a massive propaganda campaign to convince people that rapid population growth cannot ever be anything than an unalloyed good.  To this end they have used lies and misdirection and tortured logic such that the sanest person’s head would spin.  But on top of that, they reflexively slander all opposed to overpopulation as ‘racist’.

An example of this process is the environmental organization the Sierra Club.  Now the Sierra Club used to stand against rapid population growth, for the simple reason that rapid population growth is a major cause of environmental damage.  Then a wealthy rentier with an arguable stake in cheap labor spent $100 million dollars to bribe (IMHO) the leadership of the Sierra Club into changing their position, and instead insisting that rapid population growth has no effect on the environment – and anyone who says differently is a racist (check out

A key point is the Sierra Club did not change its position because of new data, or a reasoned debate.  The Sierra Club changed its position because the leadership had been paid to do so.  I don’t mean to pick on the Sierra Club, it’s just that usually this process is veiled in secrecy, and operates quietly as wealthy donors only bestow their largess on those who – wittingly or not – will support their selfish interests.

The Neoliberals and their running dogs in the media (I love the phrase ‘running dog’ and have always wanted to use it in a sentence!) have so confused and confounded public discourse that today even the most intelligent and skeptical person cannot hope to see through all of their deceptions.  No sane person can be skeptical of everything all at once, and most of what we believe is inherited via herd instinct from what we have been told in school and what we read in the mass media and what our friends and colleagues say.  Thus the toxic meme that any talk of rapid population growth being bad is de facto evidence of racism has permeated the so-called liberal community until by now they no more think about it than a fish does water.

But on the other hand there are some real racists out there, but, perversely, they are applauded as saints!  I refer to the corporate-sponsored Hispanic racists who demand that they should only care about people of their ‘raza’ (‘For the race, everything, outside of the race, nothing’.  I am not making this stuff up).  They insist that they care nothing about their fellow citizens who are white, black, yellow or red – only their precious raza.  Indeed, they don’t even care about individual Americans of Latin American origin (whose prospects will be harmed by massive third-world immigration just as surely as Americans of other races will be), but only the aggregate power of their raza.  Their single goal is to massively increase the numbers of Hispanics so that their raza will have more power relative to other races.  It’s like Hispanics are a species of xenophobic insects from a bad science fiction novel aimed at conquering the galaxy.  Now that’s racism you can believe in!

Of course, most Americans with Latin American ancestors are as skeptical about jamming a billion people into the United States as any other American, but that’s not the script.  Thus the corporate press constantly hammers home the false idea that Hispanics care only about importing more of their kind, and that if Republicans are to win the racist Hispanic vote they must support them in opening the borders to an unlimited number of foreign nationals and driving wages down to sub-poverty levels so that Mark Zuckerberg can get even richer.  Surely only a racist of the vilest sort could object?

Remember that 'Hispanic' is a completely artificial term that was created out of whole cloth by the rich to divide and conquer the American people, and to try and create a sector of the American populace that will be an ally in their efforts to drive down wages by opening the border.  For some time this was a myth, hammered home on the pages of the New York TImes but not believed by most so-called 'Hispanics' (who in earlier times were referred to as 'white').  But this long pretense may finally create its own reality.  Goodbye melting pot, hello civil strife.

If you are one of those species of liberals that insist that opposition to open borders is racist, and you have made it this far, I congratulate you.  I humbly suggest that for the American people to only want to moderate the rate at which foreign nationals be allowed to settle in the United States be moderated, to a level that does not depress wages or increase crowding, is totally reasonable.  I also suggest that whenever the press talks about ‘immigrants’, you replace the word with ‘foreign national’.  Americans have nothing against immigrants – many US citizens are of course immigrants – the issue is entirely about foreign nationals (who have their own countries thank you very much) and how many should be let in each year.  Opposition to a too-high level of immigration is arguably nationalistic (perhaps, dare one say it, patriotic), but it is clearly not racist or even xenophobic. 

Instead, I suggest that whenever you hear the word ‘Hispanic’ mentioned in public discourse, that you replace it with ‘Hispanic racist’.  It is, after all, only the truth.  And the truth is in such short supply that we should produce it whenever we have the chance.

Corporate-sponsored Hispanic racists.  Racism you can believe in!

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