Friday, November 21, 2014

“Amnesty” for illegal immigrants who are already here is cover for the real assault

The papers are full of how Obama is going to provide executive amnesty for (allegedly) five million foreign nationals who are present in the United States illegally, but who have been here for some time and are already employed.  This is a deliberate misdirection: the primary assault on the American people is going to be massive increases in legal immigration, plus amnesties for illegal immigrants who have are not yet in the country, plus refugee status for basically the entire overpopulated third world.

Consider the effect of giving legal status to 5 million illegal immigrants who are already working here.  While there are issues of basic fairness for those who played by the rules, and rewarding a crime sets a very bad example for future behavior, by itself this is not a big deal.   Because they are already working here, and because 5 million by itself is not that large a number for a country the size of the United States, legalizing them would have a negligible effect on the labor market.  That’s why it’s not the real deal.  The rich WANT massive downwards pressure on the labor market, and they could give a fig about amnesty for those already here.  But because a limited amnesty for those already here is arguably somewhat reasonable, it makes a good fig leaf to hide the real assault on the American worker.

What do the rich want?  They want more people, as many as possible, as quickly as possible, from all sources as possible.  They want massive increases in the immigration of scientists and engineers, so that even the most skilled of the middle class can be driven into poverty.  They want refugee status for everyone in Haiti, and Central America, and Mexico, and places with endemic ebola – in other words, from everywhere at all.  They want the parents of all illegal immigrant children to be allowed to come here – and that very much includes all the accompanied illegal immigrant children that Obama has been letting cross the southern border the last year.  And the rules for amnesty will not be checked so most recipients of amnesty will be people who have yet to enter.  And all the promises of increased border enforcement will be broken, just a all such promises have been broken before. And so on and so forth.

In short, the rich don’t give a darn about ‘amnesty’ as it is portrayed in the corporate press.  The rich want to ignite a population explosion that cannot be rolled back, that will overwhelm the technical and physical resources of the nation so that most people live in 9th century squalor, and the rich live like Indian IT billionaires with entire skyscrapers and private residences.

Surely Obama is acting outside of the law, and surely he is arrogant, but remember, Obama is just a hired hand.  You don't think an obscure community organizer became president all on his own, did you?  He was given his position by the oligarchs that rule the United States, and he is only following their instructions for pay.  Instead of saying that Obama is acting like an emperor, we should instead say that the rich and powerful are demonstrating that they can buy any policy they want.  It is the oligarchy that is becoming above the law, not Obama.  That is especially important to remember because while Obama will step down in two years, the oligarchy and their power will still be there.  Focus entirely on Obama and you miss the primary enemy.

Keep your eye on the prize, humans.  Don’t fight by the other guys’ rules.  This is not about amnesty.  This is about jamming a billion people into the United States within the span of those now living. Remember that.

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