Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Case for Pope Francis as an Evil Man and Whore to Power

I argue here the case that the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, the flesh-and-blood human being Jorge Mario Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) is an evil man dedicated to serving the interests of his wealthy patrons in order to ensure his own luxuries and power, at the cost of global poverty and war.

I do not mean in any way to insult the Catholic church itself, or the Christian religion, or Christian believers in general.  Christianity, as is the case with all religions and philosophies, has often been used as a shield by those of ill intent, but overall Christianity is not the issue here.  The bible has many excellent moral teachings that all may benefit from. It is the specific individual person who currently calls himself “Pope Francis.”

Now the Pope has been much in the news lately, demanding that both Europe and the United States open their borders to the unlimited hordes of third-world refugees in the name of compassion.  There are two possible reasons for him to do this.

1. He is following in the footsteps of Christ, and urging everyone in the rich countries to selflessly sacrifice all that they have built up over the centuries to help others in need, even if many of these others are drug gang members or jihadists who want to kill everyone.

2. He is providing cover for cheap-labor immigration policies that will drive wages in rich countries down to third-world levels, thus making the rich even richer.  One notes that, while the finances of the Roman Catholic church are notoriously opaque, it is certain that they depend strongly on both donations from the rich, and also on their forbearance and subsidies (such as: preferential tax treatment, exemptions from public record keeping etc.).

The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that 1 is false, and 2 is true.   Consider:

- The Vatican City is surrounded by a wall and heavily armed guards.  There are lots of poor people in the world who would love to invade the Vatican City, and camp out in the streets and eat their food and loot artworks etc.  But should any such illegal immigrants attempt to trespass on the sacred grounds of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, they will be roughly ejected, and if they are insistent, they will be shot.

No man has the moral standing to demand that others sacrifice what they have to help the poor, when he himself refuses to sacrifice anything.  The Pope’s protestations of morality should be absolutely rejected.

It has been pointed out that the Vatican City is relatively small, and would be quickly overwhelmed by just a few tens of thousands of third-world refugees, while not even putting a dent in the poverty of the overpopulated third world.  And yet, that same logic also applies to larger nations such as Germany or even the United States.  India has 1.2 billion people, Bangladesh 300 million, Africa is slated to grow to 4 billion this century…  Open borders for even the largest nation will result in its being dragged down into the mud, just as for tiny Vatican City.  It’s just that the Pope lives in the Vatican City and he likes his peace and fine dining and nice quiet chapels etc.etc.  He just doesn’t care about forcing other people to live in squalor.

- The Pope says nothing about the incredibly racist and xenophobic immigration policies of Mexico.  So the Pope was recently in Mexico demanding that the United States open its border to everyone in Mexico (and everyone in Honduras and everyone in El Salvador and everyone in Syria etc.etc.etc.).  However, while Mexico is quite poor relative to the United States, it is still a bit richer than many other nations, and Mexico itself has a very restrictive immigration policy.  Illegal immigrants in Mexico have no rights, they are summarily arrested, often beaten and robbed and raped, and unceremoniously dumped back on their side of the border.  Mexico’s official language is Spanish, and they don’t provide free translation services for foreign nationals that have been arrested.  And even for legal immigration, Mexico only grants citizenship to ethnically pure Mexicans – no Asians or Africans or Gringos need apply!

So why didn't the Pope call attention to Mexico’s tight immigration policy?  Why didn’t the Pope demand that Mexicans give up what little they have to help those who are even worse off?  Logic suggests one answer.  It is in the interests of the rich to lower wages in places like the United States and Germany.  However, Mexico’s wages are already very low.  There is simply little profit potential in driving Mexico down to the level of Guatemala.  So Mexico’s restrictive immigration policy is OK with the Pope.

Note also that the Pope says nothing about the root causes of poverty in Mexico (or at least, not very strongly or very publicly).  He is apparently just fine with Mexicans being dirt poor, he only cares about making Americans and Germans etc. dirt poor so the rich can get richer.  But Mexican poverty didn’t happen by accident.  It is variously due to things like: previous policies aimed at maximizing population growth, government-sponsored cartels that raise prices for the many and create profits for a few, taxing the food and medicine of people making a dollar an hour and using the proceeds to subsidize wealthy bankers that made bad investments, entering into ‘race to the bottom’ trade agreements that make it impossible for Mexican wages to rise substantially above those of Vietnam and Malaysia, labor organizers being beaten and shot, and so on and so forth.  This, the Pope is apparently fine with.  It’s just the United States wanting to control its own border that the Pope has a problem with.  Because the Pope could give a damn about global poverty, he just wants to serve the current interests of the rich.  IMHO.

Sure, the Pope makes a lot of fatuous remarks about poverty being bad and the rich being selfish.  But the only SPECIFIC thing he demands is that the middle classes of the United States and Germany be crushed into poverty via massive third world immigration.  He never demands that someone like George Soros give up all that they have to the poor.  You don't see him standing around the walls protecting Mark Zuckerberg's mansion.  He'll give some lip service to the lust for profit being bad but never actually oppose any specific policy... It is only migration, and then only when it specifically serves the interests of the rich, where the Pope takes a stand of substance.

And then of course, there is the Roman Catholic Church’s opposition to birth control.  Now that’s something that wealthy landowners have always loved.  More and more cattle, cheaper and cheaper labor, higher and higher profits for the few.  I am not aware of any smoking gun, but I see an organization pushing policies that will make the average person poor, a handful of the rich even richer, and said organization depends strongly on the largesse of these rich.  I say the current Pope is – perhaps even unwittingly – an agent of evil, whose actions are to encourage the global population explosion, and to maximize the amount of human suffering and misery in the world.  Just saying “Oh you can’t say that” or “the Pope is holy just because” is not a valid counter-argument. 

The current President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, recently called the Pope a son of a whore, and is clashing with the Catholic Church over their policy of encouraging people to have more children than they can support.  I do not claim to support all of President Duterte’s policies, but it’s refreshing to hear a politician talk back to this sanctimonious hierophant.  Way to go, President Duterte!  Amen.

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