Thursday, November 26, 2015

Better the Devil You Don’t Know than Certain Doom

Imagine you are in an airplane, and the pilot is deliberately flying towards a mountain.  The mountain is still a long ways off, but it is coming, and if the plane flies into it it’s all over.

The passengers vote on a new pilot who swears that he won’t fly into the mountain, but as soon as he is elected he continues on towards the mountain. 

A calm and rational person with a long track record of trustworthiness presents themselves as a candidate for pilot who definitely will not fly the plane into the mountain.  However, this person is barred from using the public address system, so most people never hear what she has to say.  The people that want the plane to fly into the mountain scream that this person is a racist, that she is unbalanced, that she is not experienced enough to fly the plane.  Every time this person picks her nose it is publicly reported, her every possible mis-statement is blown out of proportion, vague allegations that she is a child abuser are made – and of course, her proposal to not fly into a mountain is never mentioned.  Towards the end of the election most people are embarrassed even to mention this person’s name in public, and the establishment pilot wins the election.  And the plane continues to fly towards the mountain.

Then along comes a maniac.  He’s big, he has weird hair.  He is an arrogant loudmouth, a clown, who routinely makes outrageous statements.  He also states, very clearly, that if he is elected pilot he will definitely not fly into a mountain, and it’s going to be great, and he’s going to redecorate the washrooms in the style of Louis XIV.  The establishment tries to ignore him, but he’s too loud.  They try to get him fired from his job, but he's independently wealthy and they have no leverage. They try to embarrass him, but his ego is so colossal that he’s beyond embarrassment. 

The mountain grows ever nearer.  The establishment candidate is cool and collected, he is supported by all the official announcements on the PA system, and his past record has made it clear that he is going to fly the plane into the mountain (though he often says differently in public pronouncements).  The maniac says that flying planes into mountains is really really dumb, and that a famous supermodel is no longer a “10.”

So who do you vote for?  Me, I’ll take my chances with the maniac.  He might be a disaster – heck, he might change his mind and decide to fly the plane into the mountain just like all the other establishment hacks.  But he might not.  And the other one will.

Let’s go back to the real world, and consider the establishment candidates.  What are they going to do?

- Open the borders to the overpopulated third world, let in anyone who wants to come: MS13 drug gang members, Islamic terrorists, people with exotic diseases, anyone at all, as long as the population can be driven up and wages can be driven down.

- Attack countries that do not threaten us, destroy moderate secular governments and replace them with post-apocalyptic wastelands, ally with Islamic jihadists like ISIS and Al Qaeda, and run up trillions of dollars in debts.

- Give trillions of dollars to corrupt and incompetent bankers, starving main street of capital and boosting parasitic financial engineering.

- Slash social security, because you know we spent all that money on stupid wars and bailing out Wall Street, and deficits are bad, right?

- Sign trade agreements that will tear up the constitution and bring in rule by unaccountable foreign corporate lawyers meeting in secret whose decisions can be neither appealed nor over-ruled by democratic statute, that have full plenary legislative power, and whose authority has no limit.

The establishment candidates may be saying something different about some of the above lately, but a quick look at their track record proves convincingly that they are lying.  Donald Trump says many crazy things, but he clearly states his opposition to all of the above, and there is no evidence that he is lying.  There are more moderate and soft-spoken politicians who are also actually opposed to the above – and you don’t even know who they are, do you?

Let’s go back a bit – under Hillary Clinton the United States became a de-facto ally of ISIS and Al Qaeda.  You know, Al Qaeda, the crazy guys that flew airliners into the World Trade Center towers and killed a few thousand Americans?   Yes really.  Now Donald Trump says many silly things, but he doesn’t say that we should ally with ISIS and Al Qaeda to attack secular Arab governments.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t say this either – instead, she has actually done it.  How is Trump the crazy one and Hillary Clinton respectable?  Objectively?  Really?  The power of the monolithic corporate press to take the most corrupt blood soaked monster and hammer home that they are ‘respectable’ is astonishing.

The future comes apace.  The United States does not have a vast excess of resources like it used to.  Open-borders immigration is building up a demographic momentum that will soon lock the nation into permanent third-world poverty.  A foolish politeness as you are being led to the slaughter is the hobgoblin of sheep and other domestic animals.

Trump 2016.  Because in a corrupt politics only the maniac can give you a chance.

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