Friday, October 24, 2014

Obama must be impeached before it is too late

The title of this post might seem to be a little sensationalist, perhaps even over-the-top.  I assure you that it is not.

Obama is far from the powerless hapless lame-duck president that the corporate press portrays him as.  Obama is almost completely unrestrained by either law or by consideration for his fellow citizens.  Obama is increasingly acting in a lawless manner, he is starting to realize that he can just ignore the laws, do whatever he pleases, and justify himself with transparent word-games or legal sleight-of-hand.  He is opening the borders of the United States to a massive invasion by the overpopulated third world.  Two more years of this and it is likely that a population explosion will have been initiated that no change of government could stop (look up ‘demographic momentum’ on Wikipedia).  The United States will then become just another overpopulated third-world sweatshop of poverty and misery, like India or Pakistan.  And that will be that.

Often in politics the pendulum swings back and forth.  There is an era when the oligarchs rule, and workers are poor, and then there is a reaction, the oligarchs are restrained and workers do better, until eventually the oligarchs ascend again.  Yes this sort of cycle often happens in societies.  Unless it doesn’t.  Sometimes the pendulum swings to one side and it doesn’t come back.  This looks to be one of those times.

Don’t worry about Ebola, or the Islamic caliphate, or the budget deficit, or gay marriage, or any of that.  Not that these things aren’t of consequence, but when someone is threatening to shoot you in the head you don’t waste your time worrying about an overdue cable-TV bill.  Worry about a billion people and more jammed into the United States.  Worry about wages reduced to a dollar an hour or less.  Worry about water shortages, and food shortages, and rampant homelessness.  Worry about cities falling apart, about the national unity fractured into squabbling ethnic racist enclaves.  Worry about hopelessness and despair without end.  Worry about becoming part of the third world.

In Joseph Heller’s book “Catch 22”, there is what he calls “Catch 22B”, which goes, that the people in power can do anything that you can’t stop them from doing.  Obama is starting to really feel this.

It started out with small  things, like administrative changes to Obamacare.  But now, as he realizes that he can do absolutely anything and nobody will stop him, he is getting ready to go for all of it.  So for example: Obama has completely opened the southern border of the United States to illegal immigrants.  He claims that he has to because of some law stating that unaccompanied minors not from Mexico cannot be turned away.  However, most of the people he is letting in are either adults or accompanied children.  The law is not making him do anything.  He’s using that as a fig leaf for what is essentially lawless behavior.

So now Obama is planning to let in 100,000 Haitian nationals and give them work permits and residency.  He will likely claim that there is some law somewhere that allows or requires him to do so, but the reality is that he’s just doing it on his own because nobody can stop him.

We hear that after the midterm elections Obama is planning on giving green cards and grants of permanent residency to effectively an unlimited number of illegal immigrants.  He will claim that somewhere in the vast corpus of federal law there is some loophole that gives him the authority to do this, but again, this is basically lawless.

The rumors come thick and fast.  Obama will change numerical caps on immigration to count, not people, but heads of households.  He will grant automatic refugee status to anyone coming from a poor country.  He will administratively refuse to respect the already too-generous limits on the importation of foreign workers via H1B and other visas (Indeed, he may be doing this now.  How could we know?).  And so on and so forth. 

If someone steals your car, there are police who will arrest them.  If the mayor of a city embezzles funds or otherwise abuses their office, there are higher authorities that can censure them.  If the chief executive of the United States decides to ignore the law, there is no higher authority.  Obama can do anything he wants to at all.  Sure, he will be unpopular.  You think he cares?  He has two years to commit the United States to an irreversible population explosion.  That might be just long enough.

The utter contempt which Obama holds for the American people becomes clearer with every day.  A deadly disease may perhaps be making inroads into the United States – and he’s off to golf with his rich buddies.  His soirees in New York city wining and dining with billionaires causes the average New Yorker to sit for hours in horrible gridlock – and he jokes about it.  ‘Traffic jams?  I didn’t have any problems with the traffic!  <laughter>  Pass the champagne.’  He’s never going to have to face the voters again, and he don’t need no steenkin’ Congress to enact his agenda. 

The only recourse to a president that is refusing to uphold the law is impeachment.  It’s a shame that Bill Clinton being impeached over the Monica Lewinsky affair has trivialized the concept (although that impeachment did inadvertently prevent Bill Clinton from ending Social Security – but I digress).  It’s also a shame that the Republicans started to mutter about impeachment over relatively minor things: that has perversely somewhat immunized Obama from the threat. But we are not talking about lying about oral sex, or changing obscure details in the health insurance laws.  We are, really and truly, talking about treason.  We are talking about failing to uphold the single most important function of government, which is to defend the nation from foreign invasion.  This is what impeachment is for.

One wonders, if Obama was impeached, what if he said “f*ck you?”   What would we do about that?  What if he had the justice department arrest any senators likely to vote against him for obscure campaign finance law violations?  Perhaps that is impossible now.  Perhaps it will be impossible in two years. But the thing is, the longer you tolerate lawless behavior, the less the law is respected, until a day comes that the law as written has no force at all.  At that point the law is only what the rich and powerful say that it is.  And unless you yourself are rich and powerful, you won’t enjoy it.

You might say that impeachment is unthinkable.  If so, then that is because everyone says it is.  The way to make impeachment thinkable, is to keep raising the issue and act as if it is indeed thinkable.  If enough people do so, then it will be. 

Remember, impeachment does not require that the president be guilty of any crime.  It is enough that the American people feel that he is not doing what they want done.  Obama's current four year term was not granted to him by divine right.  Obama is - or he should be - nothing more than a temporarily appointed manager of the executive branch.  If the American people decide, for whatever reason, that Obama is not defending their interests, then impeaching him should be as straightforward as firing a manager who fails to follow instructions.

Of course, if Obama is impeached we will end up with Joe ‘the senator from Mastercard’ Biden, who is just as vile a grifter as Obama though less eloquent.  (However, that might be a good thing.  Better a stupid enemy than a smart one).  But the example would likely restrain Biden, as well as embolden Congress to be more assertive in defending the national interest.  In any event, one problem at a time. 

A foolish politeness is the hobgoblin of sheep and other domestic animals.  To be led to the slaughter with nary a complaint because you are worried about seeming cranky is base masochism.  If you are an American citizen, you are urged to personally call your elected representatives, and demand that Obama’s lawless open-borders immigration policies be stopped, by impeachment if necessary.  You are also urged to never vote for anyone in favor of open borders – and that very much includes people like John McCain and Marco Rubio, who will pose as immigration restrictionists when the election is coming, and then turn around and knife the American worker in the back when it is politically safe for them to do so.

Nobody can read minds.  If a politician says that he has changed his mind about an issue are they lying, or telling the truth?  One can only say that the surest way to predict if a politician will betray you is if they have betrayed you in the past.

Two years to go until Obama retires to his gated community.  Increasingly this looks like  two years too many.

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