Wednesday, September 10, 2014

America is not a democracy. It is an oligarchy.

I have recently read several articles suggesting that ‘mob rule’ democracy is a bad thing.  The main idea seems to be that in a pure democracy people will simply vote themselves excessive government benefits and bankrupt the country.  Indeed that could be a problem, and these arguments are often compelling, except that America doesn't have a democracy.  America has a rule by the oligarchs – the problem is NOT that too many illiterate morons are voting.  The problem is that the vote doesn’t count.  

Blaming America's current problems on 'democracy' is a false-flag operation.  The issue of whether a true republic (involving honorable representatives who do not lie about their true intentions and are elected by a citizenry that understands what they are voting for, and that has a clear choice between competing policies) is superior to a pure democracy, while intellectually satisfying, has no relevance to the current situation.

Remember in 2008 when Obama and McCain both bent the knee to Wall Street (thus depriving the American people of any choice) and started the process of shifting quite literally trillions of dollars from the public into the pockets of the super-rich?  This was not the American people voting themselves benefits and bankrupting the country.  This was the super-rich giving THEMSELVES benefits and bankrupting the country.  And this policy is wildly unpopular with the American people, but what the American people want doesn’t matter.

Given that the American people have zero influence on fiscal policy, blaming them for it is a lie and a slander.

How about America's open-borders immigration policy?  Again, the average American is opposed to this, because it will make America more crowded and poorer and less unified.  But the rich like cheap labor, so they rig it that come election both candidates are the same on this issue and there is no choice.  Or sometimes there will be a candidate that claims to be against open-borders, but more often than not they have been bought off ahead of time and the instant the election is over they switch to open borders.  When the American people try to take direct control – in California through referendum, in Arizona and Alabama through local government – the rich use their control of the executive and judiciary to over-rule them.  There is no democracy here.

Even when it appears that Americans are voting themselves benefits, I argue that appearances can be deceptive.  Suppose a rich person imports a bunch of foreign workers, and pays them so little that they need government assistance for medical care, food stamps, housing allowances etc., to be paid for mostly with taxes on the middle class.  Is this the American people voting themselves benefits?  Or is this the rich using the public treasury to subsidize their cheap labor?  That is, privatizing profits and socializing costs.

And as far as ‘Obamacare’ goes, well, <snort>.  Suppose that you want a hamburger, and it costs $5.  I decree that no, you must purchase a hamburger through the affordable hamburger exchange, and it will cost $20 – but I will grant you a $4 subsidy!  Then I accuse you of being a ‘welfare queen’ sponging off government welfare payments.  You wouldn’t accept that accusation, would you?  Nor should the American people.

American ‘democracy’ is a political fraud that privatizes power and socializes responsibility.

Suppose there are two buttons, one labelled "you die", and the other, "you live".  If you press the first button, you die.  If you press the second button, well it was mislabeled, you also die.  If you refuse to press either button, one will be randomly pressed for you.  This is modern democracy American-style.  It's a con.

The last time the American public had any impact on real policy was when Obama was going to attack the Syrian government and give even more money and weapons to the Islamic jihadists in that region.  The American people, with the support of what’s left of the grass-roots Republicans, managed to stop that.  And a good thing too.  (Although now Obama is using the hysteria over ISIS beheading a few journalists to whip up support so that he can... arm more Jihadists and attack the Syrian government!  Is anyone paying attention out there?).

The American people are not perfect, but in most matters I propose that letting them decide would be far preferable to rule by our current so-called elites.

To paraphrase Gandhi, what do I think of 'mob rule' democracy?  I think that it might be a good idea.  Or if not as good as a true republic run by honorable people, that it might be better than rule by an oligarchy that has no sense of duty or consideration for the nation as a whole.

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