Friday, June 13, 2014

A Few Short Thoughts on the Need of the US Government to Keep Secrets from its Subjects - I mean, Citizens

Of course, America is a democracy, and people get to vote, which means that everything that the American government does is the responsibility of the American people.  

Of course, the American people cannot actually be informed of what they are specifically voting FOR, because that would ruin everything!  Can't have a bunch of unwashed yahoos having a say in foreign policy, right?  (Or fiscal policy, or homeland security policy, etc.etc.)

Like the Iraq war.  If the American people had known in advance that the whole thing about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction or supporting terrorism had been a lie, they might not have supported the invasion.  In that case the right people might not have made a trillion dollars in profit and Iraq would be stable and not supporting islamic extremists.  And a lot of working-class veterans would not be dead or maimed.  What would be the point of that?

I mean really,  can you just imagine the catastrophe if the American people were sufficiently well informed about their government's activities that they could influence it?  The horror!

After Iraq and Afghanistan went so well, President Barack "Magic Sparkle Pony" Obama came up with a secret plan to arm and support Al Qaeda and other extremist Islamic militant groups in Syria.  This plan has created great suffering in Syria, and the Islamic extremists that the US government has supported  have turned on you and now might well conquer Iraq (for starters).  Let us be grateful that the American people had no clue that their government was actively supporting Al Qaeda, or they might have demanded that such  a policy stop, and then it could have all ended badly, instead of with the wonderful and amazing results that these wonderful and amazing leaders were able to achieve but only because they didn't have the general public looking over their shoulders and demanding wussy things like 'accountability' and 'transparency'.  

Don't you understand that reality doesn't exist, and you all live in a Tom Clancy novel where your very survival depends on super-secret government agencies staffed by courageous and sexy super-agents fighting fiendish super-villains?  Can you even imagine what the world would be like if America still had the foreign policy of, say, Eisenhower, and mostly left well enough alone and didn't get involved in countless foreign wars of choice?  What fun would that be?

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