Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Americans and Immigration "Reform" - Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

It is a law of politics that when something is labelled as 'reform' you should hold onto your wallet, because someone is out to rip you off and they want to hide behind the all-purpose fun-sounding term of 'reform'.

What the current proposed 'reform' should be called is the Cheap-Labor-uber-Alles open-borders turn the United States into a an overpopulated cesspit of misery so that the rich don't need to pay more than 25 cents and hour for labor bill.  But that doesn't sound good!   So the rich want to call it 'reform'.

Don't play by their rules.  I suggest that this should be called the "cheap-labor bill".  

The media claims that immigration 'reform' will give a 'path to citizenship' (i.e., immediate full legal status) to foreign nationals who are in the country illegally, while securing the border and massively increasing legal immigration because Americans don't have any skills and unless we have the demographics of Bangladesh old people will starve.

This is rubbish at so many levels.  First, if you check the details of what has been proposed, it allowed the executive branch (i.e., the rich and powerful) carte blanche to legalize as many foreign nationals as they please, without limit, even those who aren't currently here!  Second, until about 1970 the laws against illegal immigration were enforced, and illegal immigration had negligible demographic and economic impact.  The current masses of illegal immigrants are entirely due to the refusal of the government to enforce existing laws.  There is no reason to expect that the government will enforce any additional laws.

It must be noted that the rich have neither a practical nor a moral problem preventing poor Americans from trespassing on their walled estates or private country clubs, or enrolling their children illegally in better school districts 'in search of a better life'.  If illegal immigration threatened the profits of the rich, they would machine gun children at the border, count on it (how many kids died in the pointless wars of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan?).  

This is not about morality.  This is about a vicious and cynical pack of oligarchs who want to crush everyone else into the mud so they can get even richer.  And they will unless you stand up for yourself.

There are tens of millions of unemployed Americans, and many more underemployed.  Wages are stagnant and falling, even for those with degrees in science and engineering.  And yet the corporate media constantly rattles on about there being a terrible worker 'shortage' and they need to import hundreds of millions of foreign nationals.  

Have you, or your friends and relatives,  tried looking for a job lately?  Any thoughts about how desperate American employers are for workers?  Are they offering signing bonuses, generous benefits, or in-house training?  No?  

The numbers involved are truly staggering.  We are talking about hundreds of millions of people in less than two decades, at least.  This is not hyperbole.  Consider: every past immigration 'reform' has consistently added several times more people than promised.  Consider also that when you import young refugees from the overpopulated third-world, there is a demographic momentum effect (look it up on wikipedia).  In other words, every young couple that comes here is just a down-payment on a much larger future population increase: tens of millions WILL turn into hundreds of millions.  The issue is NOT the number of foreign born.  The issue is the total increase in population due to a specific policy.

Post-1970 immigration policy has currently increased the population of the United States by not quite 100 million more than it would have been without those policy changes.  Any wonder that fresh water is getting scarcer, and traffic and school crowding is getting worse?  That water and fuel and rents are rising, yet wages and benefits are falling?   But even this is not enough for the rich.  They want an America that is like India, where the pressure of half a billion chronically malnourished people has pushed wages to rock-bottom subsistence levels, but the rich build skyscrapers for their private residences...  

Every time that the rich have engineered a population explosion in a country without an open frontier, the result has ALWAYS been brutal poverty for the many and riches for the few.  You can hope that it will all work out - I assure you that it won't.  You can be afraid of being slandered as a 'racist' - show some backbone and stand up for yourself.

If 'immigration reform' passes in any form similar to what is being proposed now that will be it.  The effects will be irreversible, and the United States no longer has the surplus resources or technical capital to compensate as it has in the past.  

If you are not mad as hell you are not paying attention.  You should be calling and writing your elected representatives demanding that the laws against illegal immigration be enforced, and that worker visas be drastically reduced and abominations like the visa lottery (where foreigners can win US citizenship as a prize in a box of crackerjack!  Well, essentially.  Because Cheap Labor!).  Time is running out for you, Americans.  if you drop the ball on this one, there will be no do-overs.  Promise.

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